Know Us

Apnalay has been conceived, designed and constructed by the inner Wheel club of Central Calcutta. It is the result of combined efforts of more than 70 like-minded ladies who chose to undertake this service for the senior citizens of our society.

The project is a standing proof of our dedication and our commitment to the cause. Today we feel confident that soon we shall see seniors enjoying their days in Apnalay.

About Apnalay

It is designed as a comfortable and enjoyable haven. It is a home away from home – and better. At Apnalay, we don’t just expect you to add years to the life of our seniors, but add life to their years as well.

Getting old conjures up worst fears; of being trapped in a bed or a wheelchair, of losing abilities to think and reason – most of all, of being alone. Through Apnalay, a home where friends live together, we aim to bring the fun back into senior living such that every minute gives one a reason to laugh. Moreover, talks, discussions and interactive sessions will be organized to keep the grey cells ticking.

Points to note :

Apnalay is the first of its kind short/long stay home for senior citizens, in Kolkata.

Apnalay provides physical and emotional security, living comforts and recreational facilities.

It is a ‘non-profit’ home ‘pay & stay’ setup.

We are the pioneers in the state to provide comfort for the entire family – by providing a place for elders to stay while recuperating from an illness/ when their children are away for a while/ just for a change from daily routine/ spending few days in the company of like-minded people.